Who we are

We are a company that strives to bring our client’s vision to fruition.

We listen, ask questions, and create a space that aligns with our clients’ needs.

Designing sustainably is our goal without compromising style, sophistication, or function.

Our built environment should be a reflection of who we are; a place that sends a message; and tells a story. Interior Design just like the human fingerprint is uniquely designed for you.”

About Chidimma

I enjoy the both the creative and the analytical sides of working in the field of interior design. I love design as an outlet of my self-expression, but I am also driven to solve the design problems that confront my clients. I truly desire an outcome that provides a healthy, sustainable, and functional built environment.

I hold a Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) from IDI (Interior Designers Institute) in Newport Beach, CA, as well as an MBA from Concordia University in Irvine, CA. I have strong background in business and retail merchandising that informs the practicality of my designs and ensures that my clients, whether residential or commercial, receive a professional level of service every time.

Chidimma Abuka, MBA, MIA, LEED AP® ID+C
Interior Design Principal + Founder

2 Peter 3:18