Sculptural Pendants

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To begin with, there is a difference between pendants and chandeliers. The main difference is in how the lights are hung. Pendants hang from a single cord or chain and have just one or two light sources. Chandeliers have multiple lights, often branched out into several sections.

Pendants used to be a lot smaller and not as elaborate as they are now. Pendants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are versatile. We are particularly drawn to the unusual shapes of pendants that tell a story.

Traditionally, pendants were used mostly in residential kitchens, dining rooms, and restaurants, but today they can be found almost anywhere: office kitchens, reception desks, residential bathrooms, home offices, and more.

Featured: Ignis Pendant by Cerno, X Diamond by Stickbulb, Lunar Pendant by Room (Top). Beehive Pendant by Artek, Ellisse Pendant by Niermann Weeks, Chord Cluster by Alex Allen Studio (Bottom).

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